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30 Oct 2022

Exercises For Your Feet

By Erin Lanting, BSc., MScPT   Chances are, your feet aren’t getting much attention!  That’s a shame!  Those puppies work hard for you day in and day out!Here are some exercises to show your feet a little love!                  ... More

31 Aug 2022

My Thoughts on Pronation…

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPT This is a blog for any of you who are either runners, have foot pain, have bought running shoes and were told you overpronate, think you have flat feet or were told by a health professional that you do, or simply wondering whether you have a foot problem.  Often people are told they excessively pronate (flatten)  their feet and therefore need orthotics or a stability shoe to correct it. Although there is such a thing as “overpronation” ... More

19 Jul 2022

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right?

A blog about the vagus nerve, and why we, as physiotherapists, care about this nerve!  By Erin Lanting, BSc., MScPT What is the vagus nerve?The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve (CN X) and plays an important role in our ability to have a healthy stress response and communicates to our brain about what’s going on in many of our organs. In particular, it helps regulate digestion, heart rate and our immune system responses. The vagus nerve is a mixed nerve, which mean... More