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18 Jun 2020

Preventing back pain

The following is a video based on a research paper entitled, Restriction in Lateral Bending Range of Motion, Lumbar Lordosis, and Hamstring Flexibility Predicts the Development of Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review of Prospective Cohort Studies.Available at: out the recommendations to try out for yourself!... More

17 Jun 2020

Abdominal Exercises - Change it up a bit!

t’s been drilled into our heads, that we need to keep our abdominals strong. Why? Well, for so many reasons! They help to support and stabilize the back. They provide a stable core for doing overhead movements. They have been shown to have an impact on hip and knee function. They help us breathe (especially in situations where we need to forcefully exhale). They help with posture and of course movement too. They help to keep our intestines and other organs from glooping out of our abdomen!... More

29 Jan 2020

Blue Spaces

By Margaret Kraeling, PT, CCRT In physiotherapy we primarily focus on joints, muscles, ligaments and functional exercises. Of course, this is important, and all of these issues need to be addressed however researches are now recognizing that other factors are also important to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. Any boost in our mental wellbeing will be helpful in reducing pain, anxiety and stress. Researchers in New Zealand, Hong Kong and England studied groups of people who had access ... More