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20 May 2022

It’s Magic in a Cup

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPT Did you know that we offer cupping therapy at the clinic? If you are thinking about trying out this treatment, or your therapist has recommended it, read this blog post to find out more information and help you feel more prepared for your visit! What is cupping?  Cupping is a treatment method that involves using special cups to create suction over the skin’s surface to help with healing of injuries, reducing muscle tension, and overall sympto... More

26 Mar 2022


Here are the videos promised to you by Two Hands Therapist Erin Lanting!  Watch and follow along!       Give these a try!  Wishing you a happy thoracic spine! ... More

13 Feb 2022

What is the big deal about my stiff upper back?

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPTI can’t deny it, I love treating the thoracic spine! But, it is for a good reason.. In most cases, I find it is a contributing factor to my patients’ problems or symptoms, even if they have pain in their arm, an area that you wouldn’t necessarily think you need to look at their back.  I have  always emphasized the importance of addressing areas above and below the location of injury or pain with all my patients and this is why I often end up... More