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22 Jan 2021

Self Neck Traction

I sense a theme!  Turns out whenever I sit down to think of a Two Hands Physio blog... my neck must hurt!  Because here we have another home health tip on how to do neck traction.

One thing I am missing with this pandemic is my yoga.  Sure, I could do it by myself... but I get bored without a class to try to keep up with.  I could do it online... but I have country internet, and it’s not always as speedy as it could be.  So I just walk instead.  What I am noticing is that my neck hurts without the yoga - I think it’s all the head down postures where your neck gets tractioned!

So I created this little video to help myself and help others that might be looking for less pinching in their neck!
Caveat... if you feel dizzy during any of the postures, then stop.

Okay... so here’s the little video I shot for all of you!  Maybe it helps...  Maybe it’s just comedic relief!

Until next time... Cheers!