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22 Jul 2020

Do a Kiruna!

By Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt, CAFCI, CCRT

Sit Stand


So, here’s a blog that comes from a story told to me by a Swedish friend. Thank you, Inger Jacobson, for inspiring this blog!

As if the Swedes couldn’t get any healthier, this story proves that they outdo us all in making physical activity a priority in life. I was told about a new trend that started because of a conference in Kiruna, Sweden. At the conference one lady told that when her mother goes to sit down, she does 10 repetitions before she actually sits.

From there, it took off to the point that it became a ‘thing’ at some universities and schools. Every 20 minutes of class, everyone does ‘A Kiruna’, meaning, they do 10 sit to stands. The students do them and the teacher keeps teaching. It has become such a normal thing, that nobody even thinks twice. You’d think it would be a distraction, but ‘no’. It’s just a health break. More importantly, it helps with blood flow and keeps the brain sharp too. Subsequently, it began occurring at meetings as well! Someone sets a timer (or in the schools, a bell would ring), and everyone does a Kiruna.

BRILLIANT! Don’t you think!?

So, here are the take-aways:

  1. Get into the habit of doing Kirunas during the day as well. Maybe between each new task, you do 10 squats.
  2. Incorporate this into your home life – watching a video, watching TV, working on your computer… set a timer on your phone and do a Kiruna!
  3. Share this story with others to make it a habit as well. Wouldn’t this be great for seniors? Or as part of a weight loss or just a health promotion program? Or as a way to regain any lost leg strength from the increase in ‘Covid-sitting’?
  4. Simple and easy!


Leave it to the Swedes to inspire us even MORE in taking charge of our health!

Happy Kirunas to everyone!!!