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13 Feb 2022

What is the big deal about my stiff upper back?

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPTI can’t deny it, I love treating the thoracic spine! But, it is for a good reason.. In most cases, I find it is a contributing factor to my patients’ problems or symptoms, even if they have pain in their arm, an area that you wouldn’t necessarily think you need to look at their back.  I have  always emphasized the importance of addressing areas above and below the location of injury or pain with all my patients and this is why I often end up... More

29 Dec 2021


Have you heard that noisy machine in the therapist treatment rooms?  Maybe your dog has gotten to experience it as well!  We’re talking about Shockwave!  It’s a therapy as exciting as it sounds and we think you’ll want to learn more!!     There are actually two different kinds of shockwave – Focused and Radial.  Focused is a dialed down therapeutic version that stems from lithotripsy (i.e. how they blast away kidney stones or the lik... More

28 Nov 2021

Why Stretching Isn’t Always the Answer

By Erin Lanting, BSc, MScPTA story I hear often from my clients is that they always feel tight in a certain area yet stretching doesn’t seem to help. In fact, in some cases they feel stretching has made things worse. Why is this? Wouldn’t it make sense that if a muscle feels “tight” we should stretch it? Not necessarily...lets dive in. What exactly is muscle tightness? What we perceive as muscle tightness is known as hypertonicity or in other words, increased muscle ... More