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19 Jul 2021

Plantar Fasciitis – Which is the Best Option for Treatment?

By Margaret Kraeling, DPT, CCRT There are many different sources of pain in the plantar heel besides the plantar fascia and therefore the term "Plantar Heel Pain" is perhaps a better terminology to describe this condition.This is often an overuse injury that is primarily due to a repetitive strain causing micro-tears of the plantar fascia but can also occur as a result of trauma.Although the term plantar fasciitis has the ending “itis” there is a notable absence of inflammatory ... More

01 Jul 2021

The Pitfalls of Diagnostic Reports

 Are you concerned about your Xray or MRI findings? They may not be worth the worry and stress! Medical imaging such as Xrays, ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans can be very useful and valuable for identifying serious conditions. However, once serious conditions, such as fractures and tumors, have been ruled out, the majority of findings on these reports may not be abnormal and may not be the cause of your pain. Bahram Jam, a physiotherapist and founder of Advanced Physical Therapy Educati... More

21 Apr 2021

Manual Therapy! Why wiggle that joint?

Most people think that when they go to the physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath for their sore back, neck, or other joints, that they need to get something ‘put back in place’. Sometimes it feels that way. Sometimes you hear a click that makes it sound that way too. However, that’s not exactly what is happening to your joints. Continue reading for a short journey down the path of learning what really happens ‘when a joint goes out’!So, just a bit of backgroun... More